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125,000 United States Adoptions per Year, but Each Is Personal

125,000 United States Adoptions per Year, but Each Is Personal

Not every individual or couple is able to have children, and in other cases it is simply a matter of choice, but there are an estimated 125,000 adoptions finalized for parents in the United States per year.

When broken down by type, the bulk of these adoptions involve children that were placed in the U.S. foster care system, accounting for approximately 40 percent of all adoptions. Equally as common within the country are stepparent adoptions. The smallest portion of adoptions includes approximately 12 percent domestic infant adoptions and 7 percent international adoptions.

There is no doubt that every adoption case is a personal one, but why might someone choose either a domestic or international adoption over the other?

Does one cost more? According to data from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, the average cost in many cases ends up in the same range, whether international or domestic. The fact that US adoptions that are more likely to include care costs for the birth mother or the travel fees associated with international adoptions may help equalize this cost range.

Another issue for some parents is the concern over whether or not they will have access to information about the birth parents or whether it will be an open adoption or a closed one. For other parents, an international adoption in which they are a number on a list of “next in line” is more comforting than knowing that they have to be chosen by the birth mother out of a pool of prospective parents.

As noted above, the process of becoming a parent through adoption is a personal one. Whether to adopt internationally or domestically is a part of this choice, which is why Tempe residents should seek the advice and assistance of an attorney that focuses on adoption cases.

Source:, “Most adoptions in U.S. domestic,” Allison Goodrich, Dec. 27, 2013


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