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DNA Testing Requested in Celebrity Paternity Matter

DNA Testing Requested in Celebrity Paternity Matter

One family law issue that sometimes comes up regarding children is the issue of paternity. Paternity is an incredibly impactful issue, as whether a given man is a child's father can impact whether the man can assert custody rights regarding the child and whether the man can be ordered to pay child support in relation to the child. Experienced attorneys can provide individuals with assistance when it comes to paternity matters, such as requests for DNA testing. DNA testing can play a significant role in paternity cases.

Recently, in a celebrity paternity matter, a request for DNA testing has been made. The matter involves the rapper Flo Rida.

In November 2013, a pregnant woman submitted legal papers claiming that Flo Rida is the father of her as-of-yet unborn child and asking that he be ordered to make child support payments.

According to the article on which reported on this story, Flo Rida has expressed some doubts regarding whether the unborn child is actually his. In relation to these doubts, he has asked for a DNA test to be conducted regarding paternity. Purportedly, Flo Rida has agreed to the following: he will make temporary child support payments if the test shows that he is the child's father.

One wonders if the requested testing will be done and, if it is, what the results of it will be. One also wonders, if the test does show that Flo Rida is the child's father, what will ultimately happen child-support-wise in the case.

Source:, "Flo Rida requesting DNA test to determine unborn child's paternity," March 30, 2014


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