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Adoption in Arizona May Take Time and Effort but It Is Worth It

Adoption in Arizona May Take Time and Effort but It Is Worth It

They are a happy family now. The family in this story is a unit of three children and two parents, but it wasn't always like that. The two adults involved wanted to adopt each other's children but adoption can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. For this family it took a longer time: six years.

The father was in an industry that caused him to be on-call. Part of his job was providing transportation to a local clinic. He saw people in crisis daily and saw children left with no one after a death of a single parent. That made him decide to get the adoption process started for his step-children.

The first step was gaining full custody of the kids involved. Getting the other biological parent to relinquish parental rights can be difficult, costly and time-consuming.

In Mohave, Arizona, the cost of adoption can be daunting because the median income is low compared to other locations in the state. The Mohave County Attorney's Office (MCAO) handles 80 adoptions a year and sees 50 of those finalized each year as well.

Many times, it is grandparents who are adopting and the MCAO is on hand to assist with answering questions, filling out paperwork or just hand-holding. 64,000 grandparents in Arizona are primary caregivers for their grandkids.

Sadly, grandparenting is much different today than it was in previous generations. They not only parent their own children but must provide for the basic needs of their grandchildren, too, often without having the every day necessities available or the abilities to carry out this endeavor.

Substance abuse is the major reason that grandparents take over as guardians for their grandkids. One man, who works at a local substance abuse/mental health clinic, says that it is so hard to get off the merry-go-round of drug abuse. It seems to be a revolving door that just never stops spinning. The children are often the ones who suffer most.

Providing for a child through legal adoption can be the best decision you make. Getting help to do it is never a bad idea.

Source: Mohave Valley Daily News, "A celebration of family: Road to adoption worth the effort for Fort Mohave couple" DK McDonald, Jun. 24, 2014


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