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Contentious Ugenti Divorce Hung up on Text Message Investigation

Contentious Ugenti Divorce Hung up on Text Message Investigation

Divorce can be a challenging process no matter who you are or how much money is involved. In some cases, though, the challenges are greater due to the fact that parties choose to make matters more difficult. Such needless contentiousness is often what people think of when they think of divorce.

Representative Michelle Ugenti is currently going through such a divorce, and is now citing her status as a lawmaker in order to avoid her husband Frank Ugenti’s attempt to subpoena her in order to obtain text messages he suspects reveal she had or is having an affair with a co-worker in the Arizona House of Representatives.

The kicker: whether or not she is having an affair is, under state law, irrelevant to the issues remaining in their ongoing divorce case. The couple has already hammered out the custody aspect of the case and while financial negotiations are ongoing, Michelle Ugenti has pointed out that there is no new information regarding finances contained in the messages.

According to her attorney, Michelle Ugenti is protected against an investigation into her cell phone records under legislative privilege since the text message contain communications with staff members and other legislators and content connected to her efforts at re-election.

Obviously, the Ugenti divorce is a contentious one, and a good reminder of what can happen when people do not end their marriage on amicable terms. In such cases, it is critical for parties to work with an attorney who understands both their need for advocacy and their interest in swiftly and efficiently resolving the case.

Source: Arizona Capitol Times, “Ugenti Legislative privilege prevents search for evidence of affair with co-worker,” Hank Stephenson, May 30, 2014.


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