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Family Law in Arizona Involves Child Support Issues

Family Law in Arizona Involves Child Support Issues

In Arizona, child support is not arbitrarily decided upon by the court system. There is a method that is used that puts the child or children involved first. This hasn't always been the case, but the Arizona legislature decided that the method of deciding child support needed to be centralized and fairly divided between parents, regardless of their status of having primary custody.

The Arizona child support guidelines provide a clear picture of what is to be expected of each parent. The child support calculator is used and can be tricky; you may want to consult a professional at this point, because there are two versions of the calculator and if you use one and the court decides on another, it may be a big difference in what you projected to pay and what you actually end up paying.

The court will want to know if you make more than your ex-spouse because you will end up paying more toward your children's upbringing than he or she will. The judge will look at the amount of money that would have been available to the child before the divorce. This amount will then be divided proportionately between the two of you based on each of your incomes.

Your professional will use the Arizona child support worksheet to estimate for you what you will be paying and the court will use your and your ex-spouse's pay stubs or w-2. The court will need to know your children's names and ages along with some pretty detailed information with which a skilled professional can assist you.

It appears that this exercise is difficult and can be done very differently depending on the information provided. Your dependence on a professional cannot be over-stated. He or she will ask the right questions, gather the correct information and be able to represent you and get you what you deserve while still putting the children first.

Source:, "Arizona child support guidelines" Nov. 11, 2014


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