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Legal Professional Needed in Divorce Situations in Arizona

Legal Professional Needed in Divorce Situations in Arizona

It has been said that getting a divorce can be like a bomb going off. Casualties and hurt people are everywhere. With the new "conscious uncoupling" and gentle divorce being the new norm, it can still be so stressful, not to mention traumatic. Having someone in your corner who will fight for what is rightfully yours can be priceless at a time like this. Arizona Family Law Attorneys can be that strong voice for you. We aren't afraid to speak on your behalf.

Questions abound during a divorce. What will my post-divorce life look like? What is my next step? Getting answers to these questions are just part of what we can do for you. We are experienced in the laws of the state of Arizona, and we can use that knowledge in your behalf.

Having anxiety over the future is a natural reaction to a divorce. Helping you through the process and being a guide is a service you can expect from us.

With Arizona being a community property state, any property or assets that are acquired while you are married must be evenly divided. If you have property or assets that were received before you got married or an inheritance during the marriage, you can legally keep 100 percent of these and you are not required to share these with your ex-spouse.

Some of the areas you will want divided are your home or other real estate you both own. Sometimes, this means selling the home and splitting the profits. Any type of pension or retirements savings must be divided as well. Even if you were not the major breadwinner in the relationship, you are still entitled to a portion of the assets that were acquired during the marriage.

At a time like this, you want someone who can think creatively about your situation and can find a way to get assets as well as debts divided in a way that is in your favor. Our webpage on divorce has much more information.


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