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Dividing Marital Assets in a Gray Divorce
Dividing Marital Assets in a Gray Divorce

Gray divorce is a phrase often used to describe divorce between a couple that is above the age of 50. The term may not be completely appropriate in every instance and some older couples may even resent the implication, but regardless…there are certain issues that are ...

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Common Stepfamily Issues

    Merging two families is difficult for obvious reasons: they are different and it’s hard to mesh to things that are different into one functioning ...

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  • How to Bond with Stepchildren

    Outside of fairy tales and childish nightmares of Daddy’s upcoming wedding, stepmothers very rarely banish their new stepchildren to the attic. ...

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  • Post-Divorce Parenting Tips: Dealing with Visitation Refusal

    Many issues can come up when it comes to the children of divorced parents . There will be a visitation schedule issued by the family court and the ...

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  • How to Cope with a Divorce

    There are very few who would honestly agree that the ending of a serious relationship is easy. Even fewer would be able to embrace the ending of the ...

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  • How to Help Your Kids Deal with Separation or Divorce

    Divorce in any situation can be stressful, sad and confusing, but for children whose parents are in the process of divorce, the emotional impact seems ...

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  • 3 Common Problems that Could Lead to Divorce

    Divorce is common. There are so many problems that can lead to divorce. While it’s important to remember that not all marital problems will result in ...

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  • Holiday Tips for Single Parents

    The holidays are here. They bring parties, gifts, extra desserts, traditional feasts, family gatherings, and….sometimes a host of other, not so fun ...

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  • Post-Divorce Communications: Tips to Avoid Confrontation

    Avoiding confrontational behavior after a divorce is critical to the well being of your child. As co-parents, it is your role to create positive ...

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  • Making Co-Parenting Work After a Separation or Divorce

    Studies show that co-parenting works best when both parents are cooperative, respectful, and manage their emotions. Children will adjust more readily ...

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