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What is a Property Settlement Note & How Does it Apply to My Divorce?
What is a Property Settlement Note & How Does it Apply to My Divorce?

When couples in the middle of divorce start to negotiate terms and conditions of a property settlement, many will find a structured settlement the most appropriate solution. A structured settlement entails a series of smaller payments over a period of time rather than a lump ...

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Blog posts in August, 2015

  • What Should You Do if the Non-Custodial Parent Refuses to Show Up for their Visitation?

    A frequently asked question from custodial parents is, “What should I do if my child’s father/mother doesn’t show up for their visitation ?” The ...

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  • Does Your Child Custody Order Include a Right of First Refusal Clause?

    The right of first refusal is an issue that every parent in the process of divorce should consider. It is the provision that is often included in a ...

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  • When Can You Refuse Visitation?

    Is there ever an appropriate reason for one parent to refuse to allow the other parent to utilize their Court specified visitation? Under what ...

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  • What Qualifies as Marital Property During a Divorce?

    Marriage, family and divorce are weighty topics and most of the weight when it comes to the latter is heavy emotion. That’s why it’s not surprising ...

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  • Are You Ready for Adoption?

    If you are considering whether or not adoption is right for you, think about the following 3 frequently asked questions. They will assist you in ...

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  • Adoption Home Study FAQs

    One of the most nerve wracking elements of the adoption process is the Home Study. Adoptive parents are always nervous bordering on terrified. If you ...

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  • The History of Open Adoption in the United States

    Up to the 19 th century, almost all adoptions were handled on an informal basis. If a woman was pregnant and wanted to place her child in an alternate ...

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  • Divorce: 3 Methods of Dealing with the Division of the Family Business

    Generally speaking, there are three methods of dealing with a business in a divorce. Regardless of the type of business: professional practice, retail ...

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  • What is Supervised Parenting Time and Why is it Necessary?

    The court has many options regarding the determination of parenting time. If a judge feels that there are safety concerns/concerns for the well being ...

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