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Step by Step: Step Parent Adoption

Step by Step: Step Parent Adoption

If you are interested in adopting a step child, consider this step by step overview guide to make sure you have a general idea of what will be required.

Step by Step: Step Parent Adoption

Step One: Consult an Adoption Attorney

Your adoption attorney will be able to discuss the adoption laws with you and how they apply to step parent adoptions.

Step Two: Consent to Adoption

Before any adoption can take place, consent must be given. Generally speaking, both birth parents must give their consent for the adoption to occur. With step parent adoptions, objections on the part of the non-custodial parent may prevent the adoption from happening. Discuss this issue in detail with your adoption attorney to find out if there are any special provisions that would allow the adoption to take place even with objections.

Step Three: Consent of the Child

If the child being adopted is old enough to understand it’s usually best to discuss the potential adoption with the child. Nearly all states require that a child give consent to adopt once they pass a certain age.

Step Four: Submit Legal Forms

Your adoption attorney handles this step. They will prepare the necessary legal forms and submit them as necessary.

Step Five: Wait for Your Court Date

You will receive a notification of a court date either by letter or through your attorney that you must attend.

Step Six: Your Hearing – Finalize the Adoption

At your hearing, the judge will obtain info from the parties involved in the adoption. Your attorney will prepare you for the hearing. The judge will set a date for the finalization of the adoption at the hearing. At the hearing the adoption is finalized when the adoption certificates are issued.

Step Eight: Apply for an Amended Birth Certificate

Once the adoption is finalized, apply for an amended birth certificate at which point you can complete name changes and update parent info, etc.

If you need additional assistance completing a step parent adoption, contact Arizona Family Law Attorneys.


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