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What is Supervised Parenting Time and Why is it Necessary?

What is Supervised Parenting Time and Why is it Necessary?

The court has many options regarding the determination of parenting time. If a judge feels that there are safety concerns/concerns for the well being of the child, the court has to protect the child’s best interests. In such situations, the judge can put supervised parenting time in place.

Why Would a Judge Determine that Supervised Parenting Time is Appropriate?

  • Physical violence toward the child or in the presence of the child.
  • The parent isn’t able to provide proper care for their child.
  • A parent is interfering with the relationship between the child and their other parent.

In the event of any of the above or other activities or issues that could affect the safety of the child, the judge can require that the parenting time be supervised until such time as the parent shows that the concerns that resulted in the required supervision are no longer present.

Supervised parenting time is rarely permanent. Usually, it is ordered for a specified period of time until the judge feels that the parent has shown that they can visit with their child without concern for physical or mental harm coming to the child. If, after a period of time, the judge determines that the parent is unable to conduct parenting time without endangering the child, the judge could order no parenting time as the court keeps the best interests of the child first.

When the court orders supervised parenting time, they can also order a neutral third party to supervise. Many counties have a company/service that supervises parenting time for a fee. This is sometimes the best option if the parents have a difficult time being around each other and there’s not another, suitable family member or friend that the court is comfortable designating as a supervisor and that the parties can agree on.

If you have questions about supervised parenting time, contact Arizona Family Law Attorneys immediately. We have the experience to help you manage the issues that all too often go hand in hand with divorce.

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