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3 Common Problems that Could Lead to Divorce

3 Common Problems that Could Lead to Divorce

Divorce is common. There are so many problems that can lead to divorce. While it’s important to remember that not all marital problems will result in a dissolution of marriage, it’s just as important to realize that some marital problems if not addressed will escalate and end in divorce court.

3 Common Marital Problems that Could Lead Towards Divorce Court

  • Resentment: Is the love you originally felt for your partner completely replaced by an overwhelming feeling of resentment?
  • Passive Aggressive Behavior: Do you frequently do the exact opposite of what your significant other “needs” from you out of spite (or vice versa)?
  • Outside Relationships: Would you rather spend time (physical or emotional) with someone other than your spouse?

If, when asking yourself the above questions, you fear for the state of your marriage, don’t despair. There are many options on the road to the end of a marriage and if you and your spouse want to make it work – you might be able to take advantage of one or more of them, i.e. marriage counseling, individual counseling, lifestyle changes, etc.

Many couples go through stages of resentment, placing blame on their spouse for “changes” that may not even be directly related to the relationship: growing older, difficulties with children, career disappointment, extended family drama, and so on. This type of issue is common, but it’s also possible to address it and refocus the frustration towards the cause of the problem when both parties are willing to honestly address the issue.

If you find yourself in a marriage where you, your spouse, or both of you are passive aggressively acting out towards each other, an experienced counselor would again be an excellent option if both of you want to stop the behavior and instead actively seek a happy relationship.

If you or your spouse has developed an outside relationship it is, in many cases, an attempt to fill a void. If you are willing to work through it, you can try to address why you (or your spouse) felt it was necessary to seek attention elsewhere and how it can be obtained within the boundaries of your own marriage.

Marital problems do not have to lead to divorce, but sometimes they will. If you find yourself in need of additional information on Arizona divorce or the Arizona divorce court process, please get in touch with Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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