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Co-Parenting is the Best Option for Most Children

Co-Parenting is the Best Option for Most Children

Nothing is more stressful than dealing with shared legal decision making and parenting time for the child/children involved in a divorce. Family attorneys and the courts agree that the parents should both participate in sharing the responsibilities of parenting if at all possible. This co-parenting situation has been proven to be the best option to ensure that the children suffer the least as their parents separate.

In most cases of divorce, co-parenting will work well especially for the children. However, if there is a substantial geographical distance between the parents, scheduling becomes very difficult. Not only does organizing long-distance visits become hard but it can also create a financial burden. As seen in the following paragraphs, the benefits of the co-parenting arrangement far outweigh the stresses.

Since the well being of your child/children is the main concern, both parents must consider the child’s sense of security. Parents who are seen working together as they co-parent, are better able to show the child that all is well even though the living arrangements have changed. The disruptive nature of the situation is lessened when the child can see their parents sharing the parenting responsibilities in a non-confrontational way. Adjustment to their new life is much easier when they feel a sense of security and stability.

Children Enjoy Consistency

As difficult as it may seem, it is possible to agree upon a similar set of rules and schedules between the two homes, thus giving your child a feeling of consistency. Most children need a clear set of rules to follow and parents should try to agree upon these rules and discuss them with the children.

Co-parenting gives parents the opportunity to show the children how to solve issues and problems in a diplomatic way. Many situations will arise that could cause much contention between the parents and the child but using diplomacy sets the tone for the child in the future. They will see the example of their parents and then be more capable themselves to solve problems and not hold grudges in the future.

If you have questions or need to discuss your own parenting plan in more detail please get in touch with the divorce attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today. We can help you assess your situation and address potential issues before they arise.

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