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How to Help Your Kids Deal with Separation or Divorce

How to Help Your Kids Deal with Separation or Divorce

Divorce in any situation can be stressful, sad and confusing, but for children whose parents are in the process of divorce, the emotional impact seems to double. Kids of any age will feel uncertainty and anger at the idea of their parents divorcing. As the parents in the situation, you should attempt to decrease the painful effects of the divorce process on your children in any way possible. Help them to deal with divorce. Assisting children in coping with divorce typically means providing them with a stable home environment and attending to their needs. Parents should also exhibit a reassuring and positive attitude. The process will almost never be described as seamless, but paying attention to the needs of your children as they try to cope will truly help.

A Child’s Needs from Divorcing Parents:

  • Your son or daughter needs you both to say involved in their world; their life. If you need suggestions on how to do so in your particular situation, try some of these: write letters, make phone calls, send texts or emails, ask children questions. A lack of involvement will make children feel unimportant and unloved.
  • Your child needs you to stop fighting; particularly in matters related to the them. When you fight about your child, they feel guilty and assume they’ve done something wrong.
  • Your child wants to love both of their parents. They enjoy spending time with you both and need your support in doing so. When parents act jealous or upset, they will subconsciously feel like they need to choose - that they need to love one parent more than the other.
  • Your children need you to communicate with each other so that they don’t have to relay messages.
  • Your children need you to pay attention to what you say about their other parent in their presence. They really need you to adopt one simple rule: say something nice or don’t say anything at all. Saying mean things or simply unkind things about their other parent makes them feel as if you are trying to force them to take your side.
  • Kids of divorce need you to remember that they want both of you to be a part of their life. They count on you both to raise them, teach them and help them when they need it.
If you need to discuss how to obtain an Arizona divorce while decreasing the negative impact on your children, please get in touch with the experienced Arizona divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys as soon as possible so we can assist you.

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