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Post-Divorce Communications: Tips to Avoid Confrontation

Post-Divorce Communications: Tips to Avoid Confrontation

Avoiding confrontational behavior after a divorce is critical to the well being of your child. As co-parents, it is your role to create positive communication with one another to prevent conflicts. You must work to rid yourself of the tension that typically exists between divorced spouses. A positive relationship will greatly benefit your child. It is important to stay focused on your child and their well being and avoid as much conflict as possible.

  • Have concern for your ex-spouse when discussing the needs of your child. Stay on a business level with your communication and be flexible with each other. You may be able to co-parent with very little conflict and with little to no outside help.
  • If either spouse has anger issues when interacting with each other, then parent education classes may be in order. This will assist you with your co-parenting. You may need assistance in understanding the needs of your child and help communicating with one another.
  • Sometimes the relationship you have with your ex-spouse necessitates very minimal contact. In this case, you may have to operate separately in your parenting and implement parallel parenting parameters. Hopefully your relationship and communication will improve as time goes on.
  • Developing a structured parenting schedule will definitely be beneficial in a post divorce situation. Stick to the schedule as much as possible and let it guide your parenting behaviors. Mediation is always available if needed.
  • If significant conflicts arise when trying to communicate with your ex-spouse, you may consider direct communication only in case of emergencies.
  • As simple as it sounds, using the same “parenting book/guide” can be extremely helpful when co-parenting.
  • A common point of contention in co-parenting is the exchange of the child. If this issue arises, arrange a neutral place to meet with your child.
  • A very safe form of communication is text or email on a day-to-day basis. However, make sure your words are non-accusatory or threatening.

A court-ordered counselor or parent coordinator is available should you be unable to keep conflict out of your relationship.

For additional guidance regarding successful co-parenting after divorce or to discuss setting up or modifying your parenting plan to support successful co-parenting, get in touch with the Arizona divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today.

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