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Responding Appropriately to Domestic Violence

Responding Appropriately to Domestic Violence

Every 5 minutes in Arizona, an officer responds to a domestic violence call. Every 36 minutes a police offer responds to a domestic violence incident where a child is present. Every 19 minutes in Arizona, an arrest is made as a result of a domestic violence incident (Arizona Governor’s Office).

Over 40% of female victims of intimate partner violence live in households with children under age 12 (Bureau of Justice Statistics Report. Intimate Partner Violence, U.S. Department of Justice, May 2009).

Domestic violence is the purposeful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault or other abusive behavior of one individual against their partner. Abusers/victims can be male or female, although statistics indicate that approximately 80% of victims are women.

Domestic violence, as is evidenced by the facts and figures cited above, is an epidemic that affects people in our communities. Domestic violence is not limited to any age, economic status, religion, race, educational background, nationality, etc. It is typically a part of a systematic pattern of dominance and control; particularly when the abuse is aimed at a woman. The issue has repercussions that are sometimes irreversible: physical injury, psychological trauma, even death. The consequences of domestic violence have been known to cross generations.

If you know someone who is a victim of domestic violence or if you are in this type of relationship yourself, consider the statistics before you decide there’s nothing to worry about. Too often, victims stay in harmful relationships longer because they feel that they are an exception to the rule. If you are in imminent danger, always dial 911 for assistance.

Once you have gained immediate safety, get in touch with an experienced Arizona family law attorney to put the legal barriers in place that will provide you with a safe starting point for a fresh start. Contact Arizona Family Law Attorneys today and we’ll help you determine what you need to do next to keep you and your children safe from domestic violence.


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