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What Are the Laws in Arizona for Getting a Divorce?

What Are the Laws in Arizona for Getting a Divorce?

Arizona has certain requirements that must be fulfilled when getting a divorce. Being aware of these rules is a good place to start the process. What does the law in Arizona state about getting separated from someone you are married to?

There is a residency rule that says that one of you must have been in residence in the state for 90 days before even filing for divorce. There may also be a waiting period after you file. If you or your spouse does not agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the judge has the right to order both of you into what is called a "conciliation conference." This gives you a chance to try and make the marriage work for a 60-day period. If after that time you see that there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation, then the divorce can go through.

Since Arizona is a "no fault" state, there really is only the 60-day requirement if one of you asks for it. If both of you want the divorce, then you may end your marriage quickly. The only defense that you have for not getting a divorce is if one of you says, as stated previously, that you want a conciliation conference.

Being a no fault state makes it easier to get a divorce. This brings up the question of child support and custody, if children are involved. Also, you have property, assets and debt that must be dealt with. Who will get the home and who will have physical and legal custody of the kids are complex issues that you may want to have a lawyer take care of.

Calling in a legal representative isn't a cop out; it is a wise move. This individual has your best interests in mind and will work diligently so that you have a better chance of getting what is rightfully yours.


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