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Beware of Over Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

Beware of Over Aggressive Divorce Lawyers

Lawyers tend to overuse the word aggressive; divorce lawyers more than most. In many cases aggressive legal actions are exactly what is needed to address a situation. But it’s even more important that your family law attorney be acting first and foremost as intelligent and effective legal representation. How do you know when your Arizona family law attorney is over aggressive?

You might have an over aggressive Arizona divorce attorney if you seem to be wasting attorney fees on unnecessary actions. Over aggressive divorce attorneys will churn your file wasting time on unproductive action and giving the profession a bad name at the same time.

When You’re Looking for an Aggressive AZ Divorce Attorney, Search for:

  • A divorce lawyer that communicates with you regarding case strategy and your budget.
  • A divorce lawyer that shares both the cost and the benefit of any actions in the divorce case (prosecuting and/or defending).
  • A divorce lawyer who makes a point of finding the most cost-effective and efficient methods of completing tasks for the case.
  • A divorce lawyer who takes time to update you on case progress.
  • A divorce lawyer who can effectively communicate with you.

Your appropriately aggressive Arizona divorce attorney will agree with you upon a strategy, a course of action and then pursue it governed by the goals put in place according to your desires for the outcome of the case. Aggressive action can include: settlement offers prior to heavy litigation or before upcoming hearings or trials. This shows the court that you are being reasonable and that you made honest attempts to resolve the issues at hand. (Showing your willingness to approach reasonable solutions outside of court is particularly beneficial if you are the main wage earner and it is drastically more than that of your spouse or if you may be able to recover attorney’s fees against your spouse on a need basis).

An aggressive, but not over aggressive, Arizona divorce attorney will make adjustments to the strategy as your case moves through the system. They will keep in close communication with you and make sure you are still the compass guiding their path. Divorce is almost never completed in a straight line; usually you have to make a few adjustments/turns along the way.

If you want aggressive representation without over aggressive maneuvering taking over your divorce case, contact the experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.


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