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How to Deal with Post Adoption Stress or Depression

How to Deal with Post Adoption Stress or Depression

During the pre-adoption process, many are thrilled to be moving towards their ultimate goal of adopting a child, but alongside the thrill is another common emotional reaction to the process: anxiety. It’s completely normal to feel anxious while navigating the adoption process. Once the paperwork is completed and the adoption is finalized, you’ll finally have the child under your care. Everything will work out fine. You and the child will quickly develop an amazing, loving and trusting relationship. It’s the expectations many hang all their hopes on. The problem is that many expect to fulfill all these expectations without any type of timeline provided for the time it will take to get there once the adoption is complete.

Many adoptive parents experience some form of emotional upheaval in the early stages of the adoption. Some refer to it as post-adoption stress or depression. Child raising in and of itself can lead to depression. Many modern parents have unreasonably high expectations for themselves and their child. This is not healthy or sustainable. As an adoptive parent, as with any parent, you need to accept that parenting can be difficult. View it as more of a learning process or journey rather than a test you have to take today – pass or fail.

How to Cope with Post-Adoption Stress or Depression:

  • Parents who fear they are facing post-adoption depression should seek some help as soon as possible. Don't wait until the problem accumulates to the point where it is apparent to the child. This could negatively impact their self-perception and cause harm.
  • Check to see if there is a post-adoption support group in your area. If not locally, find one online that will provide you with access to others in similar situations. This type of camaraderie amongst similarly situated parents can be invaluable. You can share advice, stories, etc. Many have found it to be beneficial when suffering from post-adoption stress or depression.
  • Consider therapy – individual or couples could be helpful for you situation. If you find a good therapist, they could be able to help you identify the source of your depression and guide you in addressing it so you can move on.
If you need to discuss post-adoption stress or depression or if you simply need more information about the adoption process, get in touch with the experts at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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