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How to Keep Your Private Information

How to Keep Your Private Information "Private" During Divorce

If you’re getting divorced you might have discovered that a lot of information that used to be deemed “personal” is suddenly being treated as public fodder. Don’t feel bullied into revealing EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. Take these tips to keep your privacy during divorce.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your "private" information:

Change your passwords and security questions: Change all your passwords, including email accounts, bank accounts and any and all other accounts you access online. Your security questions and answers should be changed to something your spouse is not likely to know.

Strengthen your security settings on social networking sites: Set your security preferences to private or the equivalent highest setting to prevent public viewing of your information on social networking sites such as Facebook. Remove any “friends” from your list that may share your information with your spouse.

Don't put anything in an email you don't want your spouse to read. In the event of divorce, a judge can issue an order requiring you to retain all emails and these can be used as evidence in court. Do not put anything relating to financial expenditures or personal relationships in your emails that could be used against you.

Be wary of what you post online: Facebook can be a trove of incriminating information for the soon-to-be ex-spouse’s divorce attorney if you are not very careful about what you post. The information found on social media can be used as evidence against you during a divorce and could affect everything from the property settlement to legal decision making and parenting time to spousal support.

Remove questionable content: Go over everything you have posted online on Facebook such as pictures, messages on your wall, information on your Facebook profile, etc. that could be interpreted in a negative way and cast you in a negative light. This type of information should not be posted at all, but if you are concerned remove it immediately.

To protect your privacy, always be careful about what information you are sharing online for everyone to see. Whether you are going through a divorce or not, it is a good idea to limit what personal information you are posting online, but it becomes particularly important during the divorce process.

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