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Parental Conflict After Divorce

Parental Conflict After Divorce

In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure placed on parents with the emphasis on “no conflict” parenting. This is a particularly heavy weight to bear when you are attempting to parent post-divorce. Is the elimination of parental conflict after separation or divorce even realistic? Even in the best of circumstances, it can seem impossible, but what about those parents who have undergone a particularly bitter divorce or legal separation?

If you are struggling to maintain a conflict free zone for your children post-divorce the first step is to pinpoint where the parental conflict starts. The decisions that you make today may have a big impact on your future attempts to avoid conflict on behalf of your children and yourself. You deserve some peace, too. Consider these tips on how to reduce parenting conflict during and after divorce or legal separation:

Tip #1: Avoid using the children as leverage during separation or divorce.

Tip #2: Do not engage in parental gatekeeping, parental alienation, false allegations of abuse or neglect, willfully disrupting or preventing the other parent from spending or enjoying their time with the children, or violations of court orders regarding parenting time and legal decision making.

*The above behaviors all have one thing in common and that is: intention. The intention of all these behaviors is the same: to frustrate the other parent or to harm the other parent’s relationship with the children.

Tip #3: Do not allow a lack of respect for your ex to evolve into a hostile conflict. Disrespect comes from many different sources, but some of the more popular reasons include: infidelity in the marriage, failure to provide necessary financial support, a perception of the other parent’s parenting skills as lacking, perception of the other parent as having “broken” up the family. A lack of respect can very thoroughly remove all ability to co-parent or even communicate effectively. Communication is often disturbed by hostile tones with a resistance to dialogue and a lack of willingness to solve problems when they arise.

Parental conflict, like any other journey, starts with one single step. The first step towards parental conflict is based on unhealthy and unmanaged emotion, a poor reaction, lack of foresight or simply impulsivity. Stay in control and approach your divorce with a positive attitude. Contact the Arizona divorce attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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