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The Rights of Unmarried Fathers

The Rights of Unmarried Fathers

At Arizona Family Law Attorneys we get a lot of questions – some are what would be referred to as frequently asked questions. As a courtesy, we are sharing the general question and answers from others like you that may have a similar situation. (All personal and/or identifying information has been changed or removed).


What are my rights as an unmarried father?


The laws differ from state to state so there is not just one answer for your question. However, the following information may be of assistance.

The automatic parental rights are more often than not given to the child’s mother in most states in the case of unmarried parents.

In some states, fathers who are not married to the mother of the child have almost no rights even if they are listed on the birth certificate as the father. To establish oneself as the father and to establish legal rights, a paternity action must be filed with the court.

Consultation with a family law litigation attorney will inform you as to whether you have any automatic rights as a father in your state. You will want to inquire about any other parental rights that may be available to you.

To preserve your parental rights as the father, you must act immediately. There are standards regarding parenting time in some jurisdictions for what sort of placement should occur depending upon the age of the child. Again, a local family law litigation attorney will be able to share this information with you.

To establish your rights as father of the child, you will probably have to go through the legal system with the help of a family law attorney. It is possible that you can file an action in your home county, but you should consult with an attorney to determine the right place to file.

It is good to remember that consulting with a local family law litigation attorney is your best option in regard to your state laws regarding legal decision making and the rights of unmarried fathers. Contact us at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today to find out how the law affects your case.


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