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What is a Direct Placement Adoption?

What is a Direct Placement Adoption?

In a typical direct placement adoption, the prospective parents take an active role in identifying a birth mother, usually by networking, advertising, or by using the Internet. However, in an agency adoption, the birth parents relinquish their parental rights to an agency, and the agency, in turn, consents to an adoption by specific adoptive parents. In direct placement adoption, the birth parents are able to give their consent directly to the adoptive parents.

In most cases, your lawyer will handle all the legal documents, negotiate payments to the birth mother, and represent you at the adoption court hearing. Some attorneys can even help you locate and screen birth mothers. Your lawyer will make sure the birth father's rights are addressed and that you get a required home study from a reputable service that complies with state requirements.

If the adoptive parents and birth parents live in different states, your lawyer should understand the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC), a uniform law that sets procedures for the transfer of children from one state to another.

In this country, as many newborns are placed each year through direct placement adoption as through agency adoption.

Birth parents might prefer direct placement adoption due to the following reasons:

 Agencies are bureaucratic;

 Ability to select the adoptive parents;

 Their child will go directly to the adoptive parents not into temporary foster care.

The adoptive parents also have the following reasons for direct placement:

 To avoid the long waiting periods with agency adoptions;

 The ability to adopt without meeting the sometimes-arbitrary standards that may be imposed by agencies.

 Getting to play a direct role in locating a birth mother.

 Being permitted to have some degree of contact with their child's birth parents.

Due to the complicated process of direct placement adoption, hiring an experienced attorney is imperative. An adoption attorney will be able to explain your rights and the adoption laws plus providing an unbiased explanation of adoption methods and resources. Your attorney will review and negotiate the paperwork to insure that your interests and the interests of the child are served during the entire adoption process.

If you need assistance with a direct placement adoption, please get in touch with the adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today.


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