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Who is In Charge of the Child's Medication Post-Divorce?

Who is In Charge of the Child's Medication Post-Divorce?

Divorced parents

Often there can be disagreement between parents when it comes to critical decisions regarding the health and well being of a child. After a divorce, this becomes an even bigger issue. It is imperative for parents to find a positive form of communication to insure that the child’s best interest is considered at all times.

Medical issues

There are some areas that are quite controversial regarding medical issues. While some things are less important, there are certain issues that must be addressed and could be considered life threatening.


Routine vaccination of children has been around for years and it is surrounded by controversy. Most vaccines can be delayed until the child is a little older and until the parents are able to come to an agreement. Both sides of this argument are quite compelling and there doesn’t seem to be an absolute resolution coming any time soon.

Psychiatric medications

Another area of concern that parents might encounter is treatment for Childhood depression and anxiety disorders. Children are being diagnosed younger and more often than ever before. New generations of serotonin-reuptake drugs are on the market and are often prescribed by physicians and psychiatrists for children. This treatment for young children is questioned by many and can be a point of contention between parents.


The management of ADHD is often handled with Ritalin and other stimulants. Many parents do not agree with this treatment while others consider it the best thing ever for their children. Children as young as 7 or 8 years of age can often participate in their own medical treatment by voicing their feelings as it affects their personal health and behavior.

In times of emergency

In times of medical emergency, both parents might not be available to consult on medical care. In these times of necessary critical care one parent may have to depend on the judgment of the doctor to make an appropriate medical intervention.

Pertaining to child rearing and the decisions involved in their care, if parents cannot agree and seek counsel with the judge instead, such decisions are made based on what is best for the child. Disagreements between custodial parents based on religious, ethical, medical or philosophical beliefs may or may not be taken into consideration in a judgment.

A family law attorney will be your advocate for your beliefs and your desire to be the best parent you can be. Your child’s welfare is the most important thing and your attorney can assist you in your quest to do the right thing for your child. Call Arizona Family Law Attorneys today.

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