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Kids and Divorce: 10 Tough Issues
Kids and Divorce: 10 Tough Issues

Divorce is difficult and trying for all parties involved, but no one should be given more care and consideration than the children. Kids often have an especially difficult time with divorce. In many situations, parents may be so distracted by the emotional upheaval of their ...

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Blog posts in September, 2015

  • Main Issues of Divorce: Divorce in Arizona

    We all hear about divorce . Many of us have experienced it already. Those of us who haven’t already experienced probably fear it. But there’s a little ...

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  • Issues to Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney

    Complications seem to increase exponentially once divorce proceedings are underway. Legal complications added to financial complications all heaped on ...

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  • What is a Typical Divorce Settlement?

    Many wonder if there is a typical divorce settlement ; a standard example that they could consider and become accustomed to so that they aren’t ...

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Adoption in Arizona

    If you jump online and simply search for “ adoption ” you will be bombarded with advertisements, popular websites with the ability to post and respond ...

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  • Legal Tips: Divorce for Guys

    No matter how many divorces we handle, it’s still a top priority to treat each case individually. There’s no cookie-cutter divorce for guys or girls ...

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  • Birth Mother Services: What You Should Expect

    There is a lot of information available about adoption . It’s not difficult to find information on how to help an adopted child assimilate into a new ...

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  • How to Obtain Dwelling Exclusion Orders

    In some divorce cases, both parties refuse to leave the home. Many in this situation find themselves wondering if there is a legal method of requiring ...

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  • Orders of Protection - An Abused Area of the Law

    Domestic violence seems to be an ever increasing problem in today’s society. It is defined as any time that an individual is facing violence from his ...

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  • What to Expect in Divorce Court

    It’s no secret that divorce court can be a scary prospect; for everyone except the judges and divorce attorneys. They’re used to it. The rest worry ...

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