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Main Issues of Divorce: Divorce in Arizona

Main Issues of Divorce: Divorce in Arizona

We all hear about divorce. Many of us have experienced it already. Those of us who haven’t already experienced probably fear it. But there’s a little known secret about divorce that we should all remember. It’s not really all that complicated. For most of us, the “main issues” of divorce are pretty simple. The complexities of divorce aren’t actually technically based. What makes them so complex is the extreme emotional content attached to the issues.

What are the Main Issues of Divorce?

  • Parenting Plans and Legal Decision Making
  • Division of Marital Property
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support

If you are able to approach the divorce process calmly and unemotionally, you may be able to settle the main issues of divorce out of court. For many, calmly and unemotionally isn’t an option – particularly when it is required of both parties involved. This is the point at which the experienced family law attorney becomes your greatest asset. You may not be calm and unemotional when attempting to negotiate the main issues of your divorce, but your attorney will be calm and unemotional on your behalf.

Avoiding the extension of white-hot emotion that led to divorce into your divorce negotiations will keep the process running smoothly, save you time and money and drastically decrease the negative impact of the dissolution of marriage on you, your ex and your loved ones.

Working with an experienced family law attorney knowledgeable about Arizona divorce means that every detail will be covered from temporary working arrangements, necessary counseling, holiday arrangements with the children, summer parenting plans, scheduled child support payments, legal decision making, tax implications in regards to children listed as dependents, division of property and liabilities, access to marital residence, retirement accounts, bankruptcy after divorce, ownership/management of family business, and much more. Individuals going through a divorce have more on their mental agenda than they ever imagined being capable of handling.

Let us help you keep every detail in order and covered. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys we get to know your priorities and make sure that our strategy will be designed to get you where you want to be when the final divorce decree is signed.


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