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What Documents and Information Will My Divorce Attorney Need?

What Documents and Information Will My Divorce Attorney Need?

Once you’ve made the decision to get divorced, most don’t want the process to drag on. The decision has been made, and you’re looking for a quick resolution. How do you get started on the right foot? Know what your Arizona divorce attorney will need and have it with you when you meet with them.

What Will My Divorce Lawyer Need from Me: Information and Documents Needed to Get Divorced

Properties/Real Estate: address of any real property, date property was acquired, how the property was purchased (where did the funds come from), information regarding refinancing or title changes, information regarding claims (by you or your spouse) of separate property interest in the real property, the deed for each property, escrow documents from the 1st purchase, refinancing paperwork if applicable, bank statements and checks showing the source of funds for the property purchase, statements showing mortgage payments, etc.

Vehicles: Info on when the car was purchased and through what source, purchase price, information regarding you or your spouse’s claims of separate property interest in the vehicle, title and registration, purchase documents, bank statements or checks showing source of funds used for purchase, etc.

Financial Accounts/Stocks: list of all financial accounts (checking, savings, investment, stock brokerage, etc.) including financial institution’s name, account number and name of account holders, dates accounts were opened, significant account activity, statements, etc.

Retirement Accounts: Information regarding when the retirement account was started (i.e. before or after the marriage), information regarding contributions (voluntary or mandatory), financial institution name, account number, name of account holders, significant activity, statements, etc.

Life Insurance: Information regarding type of policy (term or whole life), how the policy was funded, insurance declaration page, etc.

Business: Name of the business, general nature of operations, structure (LLC, corporation, etc.), main owners, main operators, general information regarding revenue, when the business was started, source of startup funding, business tax returns (past 3-5 years), business profit and loss statements and balance statement (past 3-5 years), general ledgers and bank statements, etc.

Additional Assets: Other assets could include jewelry, furniture, annuities, intellectual property (patents, trademarks, etc.) Your lawyer will need information regarding the asset’s acquisition, the source of the funds for the purchase, the value at time of purchase, present value, etc.

Income: Where you and your spouse work, how long you have worked there, your salaries, information on job stability, tax returns, pay stubs, etc.

Marital Lifestyle/Standard of Living: income and spending information, information on assets/debts, marketable skills and earning capacity for both parties, contribution by each of you to the other’s education, training, career, etc., need and ability to pay spousal support, age and health of both parties, information regarding documented domestic violence or child abuse, etc.

If you need to discuss the issue further, contact the Arizona divorce attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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