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What is a Typical Divorce Settlement?

What is a Typical Divorce Settlement?

Many wonder if there is a typical divorce settlement; a standard example that they could consider and become accustomed to so that they aren’t completely blindsided at the end of their own divorce. This is difficult because every divorce case is different because every family is different. Each ends with its own resolution – some handed down by a Judge and others agreed to outside of court. Every case has its own unique facts. But there are certain divorce settlement terms that will often overlap.

Common Divorce Settlement Terms Often Include:

  • Terms of legal decision making and parenting time with labels such as: joint, sole, primary, custodial, non-custodial, etc. A good lawyer will make sure that clear definitions are included as to exactly what these terms mean in relation to your case.
  • Termination of child support is typically upon a child turning 18 or graduating high school. It is also frequently included that child support is terminated if a child marries, is emancipated or dies.
  • Child support payment amounts are determined using a standardized formula (just updated July 2015).

Having gone to the trouble of outlining some of the “typical” settlement terms regarding parenting time, legal decision making, child support, the family home, etc. it’s very important that we reiterate that there is no carved in stone results that you can expect to see. It’s often helpful to consider what is possible, but don’t plan on anything until you have your own divorce decree in hand.

The many variables to be considered and the many options for the different issues that must be addressed in the final divorce decree make it advantageous for divorcing couples and parents to attempt to work out their differences outside of court. If couples cannot agree on the issues mediation can be an effective option. If mediation fails, the courts will provide the final decision. But coming to an agreement that suits both parties outside of court is the best way to avoid surprises and/or unexpected decisions regarding those people and items most dear to you.

If you need assistance with your Arizona divorce, contact Arizona Family Law Attorneys so we can help you get started developing a strategy for your divorce that will help you obtain your desired results.

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