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Attorney Riggers Joins Father Matters' Family Law Legal Assistance Program
Attorney Riggers Joins Father Matters' Family Law Legal Assistance Program

We are proud to announce that our own Attorney Shawnna Riggers has recently volunteered with the community development organization “Father Matters” to provide legal advice and services to parents in need. Through the organization’s Family Law Legal Services outreach ...

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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Arizona Family Law Attorneys Supports Local Foster Care

    At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, our team of advocates are always looking for new ways to give back to the community and help families in need. One of ...

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  • Palm Valley Church Foster & Adoption Information Fair Participation

    When the kind people at Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona – a short drive west of Phoenix – announced that they were going to host a Foster & ...

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  • Gender Preferences in Adoption

    How many expectant mothers do you think get asked whether they want a boy or a girl? The answer is a lot! How many expectant mothers do you think have ...

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  • 5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting an Adoption Match

    For those who have known they wanted to be adoptive parents for a long time, saying that waiting is hard feels like a blatant under-exaggeration of ...

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  • The Relationship Between Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents

    In an open adoption that focuses on keeping the child the center of the relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents, it’s important to ...

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  • Special Challenges Often Associated with Kinship Adoption

    While many of the unique elements associated with kinship adoption are positive, there are also negatives that must be dealt with along the way. ...

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  • Tips on Successful Kinship Adoption

    If you are involved in a kinship adoption , you already have a few benefits that will help the adoption be a success. In the majority of kinship ...

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  • What is Kinship Adoption?

    What Is Kinship Adoption? If you have been reading up on adoption , you may have run across some terminology that left you scratching your head. One ...

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  • What To Do If Your Adopted Child Creates a Fantasy Family

    Many adoptive parents will start to panic when they realize that their adopted child is creating wild birth parent fantasies. They may discuss it ...

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