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Top 3 Things to Ask Before Deciding to Hire an Arizona Divorce Attorney
Top 3 Things to Ask Before Deciding to Hire an Arizona Divorce Attorney

If you are considering hiring a divorce lawyer , you have a million things to think about. In fact, you probably feel like you’ve been “thinking” so much lately that you are completely finished with the endeavor. You’re ready for someone to take over and handle the serious ...

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Blog posts in April, 2016

  • The Marital Home Post-Divorce: To Keep or Not to Keep

    Many married couples, during the course of their marriage, purchase a home. Some purchase a home very quickly after they tie the knot because they’re ...

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  • 5 Rules to Make Co-Parenting Work

    For some the defining characteristic of a good co-parenting plan is empathy. Others find they really have to focus on being patient. But there are ...

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  • What to Expect When Adopting a Child: Learn as You Go

    When entering the adoption process, many prospective adoptive parents have a million questions and just as many concerns. Some are addressed by legal ...

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  • Top 8 Newborn Adoption Essentials

    If you are adopting a newborn, you already know how exciting it can be. Your method of letting that excitement out into the world may be to ...

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  • AZ Adoption: Preparing to Bring Baby Home

    Many parents and prospective parents in Arizona wish to adopt. While children in need of adoption can be any age, many adopted children are brought ...

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  • 3 Tips for Adoptive Parents

    For those who are looking to adopt or who are recent, first time adoptive parents, it can be useful to consider expert advice, but it can be even ...

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  • Can Child Support Arrears Be Discharged by Bankruptcy?

    Too often we see instances of a parent who owes past due child support. Some prefer to look at it as a “missed payment” (or missed payments) while ...

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  • Is Child Support Necessary When Awarded Joint Legal Decision Making?

    Child support, legal decision-making and parenting time are separate terms with separate definitions. But they all go hand in hand with one another. ...

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  • Who Keeps the Marital Home After Divorce?

    The most valuable asset in most divorce cases is the marital home. Many assume that means that it is one of the most highly contested, but couples ...

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