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3 Common Reasons Decades Long Marriages End in Divorce

3 Common Reasons Decades Long Marriages End in Divorce

According to 2015 census data the average lifespan for men is 77 years. The average lifespan for women is 81 years. Compare this to the average lifespans in 1970 (67 for men and 74 for women) and it isn’t hard to come to the conclusion that the fact that we’re living longer may be the reason behind the increasing number of decades long marriages that are ending in divorce.

In today’s social and cultural setting, many individuals unhappy in their marriages will let go if doing so means a successful search for a happier, more authentic life. And it doesn’t seem to matter if that individual is 50 or 60 years old and in a marriage that has lasted for the majority of their life. The fact is, decades long marriages are ending – more than ever before. The only question left is why?

3 Common Reasons Decades Long Marriages Are Ending in Divorce:

  1. Infidelity – one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce regardless of age, infidelity is seen by many experts in relationships as more of a symptom of a deeper problem in the marriage. Regardless, it is the symptom that finally breaks the bond that is keeping many husbands and wives together.
  2. Empty Nesting and Retiring – Between the kids leaving home and growing older leading to retirement…some couples find that the sudden accumulation of time spent together leads them directly to divorce court. Decades spent raising children and focusing on a career and home come to an abrupt halt when the couple suddenly needs to spend a lot of time with someone they aren’t even sure they like.
  3. Wanting Independence – In many cases, women who were financially dependent upon their husbands for years will long for independence as they grow older. This is particularly true if they go back to work after the children grow up and leave home. Statistically speaking, the more financially stable a woman becomes, the more it will destabilize a marriage that is already less than happy.

This isn’t to say that all retired couples don’t enjoy each other’s company or that every empty nester is going to get divorced. These are just common reasons amongst those who DO get divorced. No marriage is exempt from the dangers of a fading relationship. No marriage is exempt from the damage that can be done through acts of infidelity. No marriage is exempt from outside influences and negative reactions to major life changes. Difficulties that can test the strength of a marriage do not stop because you are getting older.

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