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3 Tips for Adoptive Parents

3 Tips for Adoptive Parents

For those who are looking to adopt or who are recent, first time adoptive parents, it can be useful to consider expert advice, but it can be even better to create a support network of other, like-minded adoptive parents. This type of support network can have regular meetings locally, but they can also be an ever present online group that fields questions, discusses concerns, shares stories and basically, listens with understanding when you aren’t sure where to go to get what you need. If you are in the midst of creating your support network, you can still prepare for a successful adoption by getting started with these tips for adoptive parents.

3 Tips for Adoptive Parents to Help You Through the Process:

  1. Seek Information: read books and magazines, search articles online, visit websites, talk to other parents, consider a variety of parenting techniques, meet other families with adopted children and as mentioned above, seek out a support group (locally or online).
  2. Tell Everyone: Don’t keep your desire to adopt a child under your hat. Some feel it’s a personal decision, but those who share see the benefits. Telling all of your people that you hope to adopt means that if they hear about a child in need of adoption, they will think of you. So while sharing this information is a personal choice, the benefit of doing so can be drastic.
  3. Gather Documentation: Put together several notarized copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, medical exams, financial statements, photos of both parents and the home, a concise autobiography, employment records, criminal clearance documents, multiple letters of reference, fingerprints, a report on your home, deed to your home, etc. Having multiple copies ready will be very useful when it’s time to be interviewed by a social worker or agency.

Just as important as being prepared, is the need to continue accessing your modes of support post-adoption. Don’t assume your job is done when you finally adopt your child. The information you seek will be slightly different, but the need to do so is just as vital. Deciding when and where to share information about your adoption story will be just as personal, but it will be just as crucial as the original desire to adopt. And all the documentation you gathered prior to the adoption is just the start of the information you will continue to collect for the benefit of your child and your family.

If you need assistance determining where to start to adopt a child in Arizona, please get in touch with one of the experienced Arizona adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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