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AZ Adoption: Preparing to Bring Baby Home

AZ Adoption: Preparing to Bring Baby Home

Many parents and prospective parents in Arizona wish to adopt. While children in need of adoption can be any age, many adopted children are brought home as babies. When this is the case, the adopted parents often have extra preparations to complete before the baby arrives. They prepare the nursery, make sure there are diapers, milk, bottles, tiny clothes, etc. Then the day comes to bring the baby home and they realize that all that preparation led up to one big moment, but that time doesn’t stand still. New parents of adopted newborns should consider not only what they are going to do to prepare to bring a newborn home, but also what they are going to do once the baby is actually home. What can new adoptive parents do to make their baby’s transition into the home as smooth as possible?

Bringing Your Adopted Baby Home:

First and foremost, go with the flow. Just assume that your baby will be a little out of sorts at first. Regardless of how much information you have about their history or how much you prepare for their arrival, they’ve gone from one routine to another. They are dealing with a new set of faces, an entire houseful of new things to see, hear and smell. It’s not uncommon for a baby in this situation to have trouble sleeping or eating at first. They will need a little time to adjust.

Second, make sure to know who your reinforcements are and call on them whenever you have a need. Every new parent needs someone to help out now and then. Sometimes you just don’t have enough hands. Taking care of your baby and yourself has to be the top priority. Don’t shy away from requesting help if you need it – especially when friends and family offer assistance. Take them at their work. They want to be there for you.

Stay close to your baby so that you have the opportunity to bond. Kiss their tears away, snuggle them when they can’t sleep, carry them in a front carrier as you wash the dishes or do housework or take a walk. Simply being there and holding your baby will allow them to learn that you’ll be there when they need you.

Stick to a positive routine. This is comforting to a child. It allows them to know what to expect. When they can count on something, it is soothing – particularly for adopted children and babies who are already transitioning from one life to a new one. Let baby’s schedule be predictable so they can expect and depend on times for playing, sleeping, eating, snuggling, etc.

If you have more questions or concerns about newborn adoption in Arizona, please touch base with one of the experienced Arizona adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys. We have helped many parents through the AZ adoption process and can provide you with helpful insight and answers to your questions.

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