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Top 3 Things to Ask Before Deciding to Hire an Arizona Divorce Attorney

Top 3 Things to Ask Before Deciding to Hire an Arizona Divorce Attorney

If you are considering hiring a divorce lawyer, you have a million things to think about. In fact, you probably feel like you’ve been “thinking” so much lately that you are completely finished with the endeavor. You’re ready for someone to take over and handle the serious tasks ahead so that you can start to recover from a marriage that you’ve decided to dissolve. But it’s not quite time to shut it off yet. Before you can stop constantly thinking and worrying about the many factors involved in a divorce, you have to hire a divorce lawyer. And that will require that you stay on top of your game for just a bit longer – it’s very important that you hire a divorce attorney that is right for you, your situation and your end goal.

Top 3 Things to Ask Before Deciding to Hire an Arizona Divorce Attorney:

  1. Is divorce your specialty or just part of your overall practice? How many years experience do you have handling divorce cases? What’s your strategy for my case and how long do you estimate it will take to reach a resolution?
  2. What is your preferred method of communication and how long does it typically take for you to respond to a call/email? Will you be responding to my questions/concerns or will someone else in the firm be handling the case? If so, who will be handling it and what is their experience? What should I do if there’s an emergency? And what do you consider an “emergency?”
  3. What is your hourly rate? What retainer is required up front and what is the estimated total cost for the divorce? (Don’t consider it suspicious or alarming if attorneys resist providing a number for estimated total cost. They will do so because it is extremely difficult to make this type of estimate due to the level of conflict that occurs during the case. But the answers you receive will help you to “size them up.” Honest attorneys will often reply that total cost is extremely difficult to estimate in advance. Attorneys that provide you with a low number up front for total costs are probably saying whatever is necessary to get your business).

If you have decided that it’s time to obtain a dissolution of marriage and you don’t yet have an Arizona divorce attorney, make sure to take the time to look into some options. Don’t hire the next-door neighbor, your old friend from high school or your mom’s cousin’s nephew who just graduated from law school in corporate law, but who is really smart. Getting divorced is stressful enough when all goes smoothly. Obtaining an experienced, professional and dedicated family law attorney that actually specializes in Arizona divorce law is the very best thing you can do for yourself right now.

If you have questions about obtaining an Arizona divorce or would like an opportunity to pose the above questions to the experienced AZ divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys, please get in touch today.


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