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How to Behave During a Legal Separation

How to Behave During a Legal Separation

If you found that obtaining a legal separation was the best move for you in your current situation, you may now be wondering how your behavior should change. Now that you are officially separated according to Arizona state law, how should you behave?

How Should You Behave During a Legal Separation?

A legal separation can lead to two different paths: divorce or reconciliation. Regardless of which path you end up taking, the legal separation provides you with space; space to solve marital problems or acknowledge emotions and find a way to reset or discover a new life on your own. The way you behave during your legal separation will have a huge effect on how successful it is regardless of what your motivations were for separating in the first place.

Avoid the Following Behaviors During A Legal Separation:

  • Behavior that is hurtful to your spouse or your children – such as defaming your spouse, pointing fingers, blaming, etc.
  • Developing a new relationship – legal separation is a healing period and a time to reflect, plan and learn how to live as a single individual again or, in some instances, learn to live as a single parent. If you do develop a new relationship during you legal separation, consider how it could affect the eventual divorce negotiations.

Positive Behavior During a Legal Separation:

  • Communicate with your spouse – deal with anger in a civil manner and be respectful. It’s less stressful for everyone if you are able to handle it in this manner.
  • Set up a parenting plan if you have children so that they get to spend time with each parent. Keep in mind that a separation or divorce should affect your child’s life as little as possible. Talk to the kids every day and remain involved, even if you aren’t living in the same house anymore.
  • Stick to the stipulations in place in the legal separation agreement. It is a legal and moral obligation. If you do not follow the agreement, you could end up in court due to poor behavior. A judge will also not look fondly on someone who did not abide by a legal separation agreement.
If you still have questions about what it means to have a legal separation agreement, get in touch with the divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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