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How Social Media Accounts Can Affect Divorce Negotiations

How Social Media Accounts Can Affect Divorce Negotiations

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social and professional media can contribute to the breakup of a marriage and have unforeseen consequences in divorce settlement negotiations. The endless information sharing seems to be unfettered and can reveal many truths that may contradict what your spouse is telling the courts during your divorce proceedings.

Even if you block one another from your social and professional websites, friends you have in common often share information as well as photos of events and activities involving you. If assets are being hidden, they are often accidentally exposed in photos and comments on social media. Whether it is a boat trip or a gift to a girlfriend, or a trip to Vegas – the photos and comments made can sometimes be used in court to prove hidden assets.

Another area to be cautious of is the online dating arena. Here you may find profiles filled with information that does not match what is being shared with the courts. This information comes in handy when it comes to whether or not a spouse is able to pay financial support.

Because so much of our communication these days is through emails and texts, it is wise to pay close attention to all information you share with others in this format. The courts in divorce proceedings can actually subpoena this information. Mention of an upcoming bonus, a planned vacation, or new job opportunity can show evidence of changes in financial status. A submitted Financial Affidavit can come into question. The simplest way to solve this issue is to remember not to record any information that you do not want the entire world to hear.

The laws vary from state to state in regard to what can be used as evidence in divorce cases. The use of emails, texts, social media posts, etc. is complicated and guidance of an attorney may be needed. Information must be gathered legally so discussing this issue with your divorce attorney is definitely advised.

If you have social media issues you need to discuss with an Arizona divorce attorney in relation to your divorce or legal separation, please get in touch with the Arizona Family Law Attorneys today.

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