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Things to Consider When Relocating with Children After Divorce

Things to Consider When Relocating with Children After Divorce

Consider this scenario: Your hometown is in California. Your spouse’s hometown is in Georgia. When you fell in love and got married you were both attending grad school and expecting to move “home” upon completion and getting a few years of experience under your belt in your chosen areas of expertise. Prior to that occurring you had a child together. Then your relationship became turbulent. You had intermittent thoughts of divorce or separation. You started to worry about the burden of proving to the court that the relationship with the non-custodial parent would only experience “minimal” impact. These are the situations that custody battles are made of – and it happens all too often with varying details.

Before filing for divorce, signing on the dotted line and packing your child or children up to make the long trek “home,” consider these issues that often pop up when relocating with children after divorce:

  • Child custody and relocation is among the most potentially contentious issues in divorce proceedings. You should expect at least the possibility of becoming a part of the substantial percentage of divorced parents who end up appearing in family court seeking a resolution to the issue.
  • There’s no universal answer to how this type of move would impact the child or to what degree it would affect their relationship with the other parent.
  • When it comes to family court, the well being of the child will supersede the needs of the parent being closer in proximity to a support system or job with higher pay rates.
  • If the other parent decides to contest the relocation, the parent wishing to relocate with the child will need to be prepared to “prove” that the child will only experience minimal impact by the relocation.
  • Expect criticism – it is typical for the court and even your own loved ones to critique your decision and your reasons for moving and maybe even offer outright criticism of your decision.
  • Don't ignore the possibility of a lose-lose situation.
If you need additional guidance on the possibility of relocating with children after divorce, please get in touch as soon as possible. The Arizona divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys will be ready to assist you with your endeavor.

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