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Gender Preferences in Adoption

Gender Preferences in Adoption

How many expectant mothers do you think get asked whether they want a boy or a girl? The answer is a lot! How many expectant mothers do you think have a gender preference? The answer is a lot! And this is interesting because there’s no possibility that they can actually make that choice. Now consider the interesting phenomenon of gender preference from a different angle. How many adoptive parents do you think have gender preferences?

If you think that most adoptive parents don’t have gender preferences – you’d be wrong. Most adoptive parents have definite gender preferences: girls.

Statistically speaking, 75-80% of adoptive parents that are given a choice prefer to adopt a girl. It seems particularly significant to note at this point that there are more boys available for adoption than girls. While it would be impossible to determine exactly what is behind the statistics as many adoptive parents themselves would not be able to put into words the exact reasoning behind their gender preference, experts have been able to generate several potential causes behind the popularity of girls when it comes to adoption.

Why Do Adoptive Parents Prefer Girls?

  1. Generally speaking, many women prefer to parent girls (for a multitude of spoken and unspoken reasons). Since women are often the driving force behind the adoption process, this could be one factor.
  2. Research indicates that many women think that their husband is more comfortable raising a girl. While this perception may not be accurate, it is another factor to consider.
  3. The matriarchal nature of society also has a role to play as daughters are more often the keepers of family traditions, the planners of family events and parties, the ones who schedule visits with the grandparents, etc. Adoptive parents may subconsciously be attempting to put themselves in a good position for long term inclusion in the life of their little one. Daughters are also more likely to be caregivers for elderly parents.
  4. Girls are very fun to dress up. While this is in no way monumental or life altering, it is something that mothers look forward to and may subconsciously take into consideration when making gender preference decisions.
  5. The “boys are scary” myth is another factor that leads to the popularity of girls amongst adoptive parents. Male teens have a negative image in modern society and parents considering adoption may have this in mind when they are designating gender preferences.

These are just a few “reasons” experts have considered as factors behind the popularity of girls amongst adoptive parents, but the list is nowhere near exhaustive.

If you have questions or concerns regarding adoption or designating gender preferences for your adoption, please get in touch so you can discuss it with one of the experienced Arizona adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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