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Tips on Creating an Adoption Profile Video

Tips on Creating an Adoption Profile Video

One of the most accepted methods of reaching out to an expectant mother considering adoption is telling your story in your parent profile. It’s a very effective method, but it’s not the best. The very best method is through a video profile. The use of a video profile can create a more immediate and emotional connection – and that’s exactly what you are attempting to accomplish. The presentation of your story through a combination of photos and music gives an expectant mother a more complete picture of who you are, what your life is like, and why you are looking to adopt a child.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a videographer. In fact, in today’s world of tech overload, you barely need to know how to operate a computer to make a pretty stunning adoptive parent profile video. You can simply access readily available tools like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. It’s never been quite so easy to put together an amazing short video.

Once you have your adoptive parent profile video completed, you want to get it out there where an expectant mother can find it. The obvious choice is to post it on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular and largest search engines (second only to Google). This makes it an obvious choice for where you should make your video available. That leads us to the next issue: with more than four billion videos viewed every day on YouTube, how do you make yours stand out?

Tips on How To Make Your Adoptive Parent Profile Video Stand Out:

  1. Keep it short. Individuals perusing online have notoriously short attention spans. Your video’s purpose is to give viewers a glimpse into your life – provide a picture of who you are. It’s supposed to give them a starting point to imagine the type of parent you would be. It’s not the place to share your entire life story. Keep your adoptive parent profile video to 2-3 minutes maximum.
  2. Be careful when choosing photos to include in the video. The visual element is the most important part of the project. You want every photo you include to make an impact. Find photos that are simple and self-explanatory. It’s best if they relate to your profile, tell a story, or present distinctive elements of your personality. Generally speaking, casual shots and close-ups are best. You also want them to look good and be recent. You want to present yourself (through pictures) in the best light possible.
  3. Never overlook the importance of the “attention getter.” Put the photos that are the most interesting at the beginning. Get ahold of your viewer right away with a surprising detail, unexpected pose or an interesting montage of photos. You want to come off as warm and welcoming – that typically means throwing any worries about “looking silly” out the window. Look at the creation of your profile video as a chance to have some fun!
  4. Aim for light and breezy with a touch of “upbeat” and an underlying energy. It sounds difficult, but there are a few simple techniques you can include to produce the desired effect. Use short, fast edits – they tend to increase engagement. Change photos approximately every three seconds – this allows viewers enough time to take in the picture, but avoids leaving them so long that they leave the video’s narrative dragging. Keep the content of the video family centered. You want to appear easy going and approachable. You want any expectant mothers who view your profile video to respond by wanting to get to know you better.
  5. Use short captions – viewers click on videos because they want to watch, not because they want to read.
  6. Choose background music carefully. It’s the best way to create the mood you want for your video. Choose music that stays in the background. You don’t want it to distract from the story you are trying to tell.
  7. Make the contact information ridiculously easy to find. You don’t have to wait until the end of the video to provide the info needed to get in touch. Include a call to action – request that interested viewers get in touch and tell them how to do so. (Also include contact information in the description of the video).
  8. Take advantage of keywords and tags. You don’t just rely on luck to bring expectant mothers to view your profile video. Help them find it by using the right keywords. Some obvious choices would be: adoption video, adoption profile video, hoping to adopt, your name, your location, etc. Most searches are specific to certain locales so make sure that you include your location in the title of your video, the description of your video, and in the meta tags.
  9. Aim for a wide distribution. YouTube is very effective, but it’s not the be all and end all of video hosting sites. Once your video is done and uploaded, link it to your online adoption profile, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, website, blog, etc.

The creation of an adoption profile video can help capture your personality, set yourself apart to expectant parents considering adoption, and keep your information accessible to those who are interested. It provides you with the chance to make an immediate impact on expectant mothers viewing your profile.

If you have questions regarding other aspects of adoption, the adoption process or the creation of an adoption profile, we would love to assist you. Please get in touch with Arizona Family Law Attorneys today so we can answer your questions.

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