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3 Problems with Staying Married Because it's Cheaper

3 Problems with Staying Married Because it's Cheaper

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There aren’t very many people in today’s society that would deny wanting to live the good life. No one wants a hard life. And for many, the most obvious way to make life easier is to have enough money. A shortage of funds is one of the easiest ways to increase stress and decrease the sense of freedom that having “enough” seems to offer. Due to this desire for the “easy” life based on avoiding financial hardship, many couples that are no longer happy in their marriage will avoid divorce because of the cost of the actual divorce as well as the cost of two separate households in comparison to one. They stay married because it’s cheaper.

There are a lot of reasons that people cite for staying in an unhappy marriage and many of them are valid. A marriage is serious business and if there’s a possibility that it can be saved – do it! But when there’s no intention to save the relationship, and the sole purpose of not obtaining a divorce is because it’s cheaper not to get one, problems will inevitably appear on the scene.

The “nondivorce” (as some are calling this type of relationship) usually ends up looking something like this: the married couple living together under one roof, but more like roommates than spouses.

The Negative Emotional Impact: For the vast majority, this type of living scenario would be much more painful and stressful than going through a divorce.

The Healthy/Unhealthy Relationship Example: If there are children involved, they may learn (by example) an incorrect idea of what marriage and family should be which could harm their potential for a healthy and meaningful relationship in the future.

If the fear of financial hardship is keeping you from obtaining a divorce, there are ways to decrease the potential costs. First, set aside the anger and hurt that could inspire you to argue and create contention during the process. An amicable divorce is much more affordable than a contentious one. For instance, in an amicable divorce, both parties typically voluntarily provide their financial information. This type of cooperative behavior results in significant savings, particularly if the negotiations can be completed out of court. In some instances, a divorcing couple can reach an agreement outside of court prior to the divorce paperwork even being filed.

Some divorced parents are decreasing the financial impact of divorce by having a non-traditional household arrangement where the parents (not the kids) shuttle back and forth. This way divorced parents don’t have to create two entirely separate (and complete) households. For instance, the divorced couple might keep the family home and get a small apartment. The children spend their time living in the family home (not switching back and forth) and the parents take turns living in the home with the children or living in the apartment.

Remember that sometimes divorce makes sense. If divorce is the sensible solution to your current relationship troubles, don’t discount it as a possibility without giving yourself a chance at a new start. Contact the experienced Arizona divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today to discuss your case.

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