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Benefits of Adopting an Older Child that You Don't Expect

Benefits of Adopting an Older Child that You Don't Expect

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If you are one of the lucky ones who adopted an older child, you already know what I’m about to say. It can be the best thing that happened for your family. It’s not the right move for every family, but in some cases, it is the perfect scenario. Families with older biological children and older prospective adoptive parents often find the adoption of older children to be advantageous for their situation.

Benefits of Adopting an Older Child:

A Shorter Waiting Period: In some cases, adopting an older child will result in a shorter waiting period, simply because the match between an older child and a prospective adoptive family may occur sooner due to the number of children ready for adoption. This can also be the case with sibling group adoptions and special needs adoptions.

Opportunities to Actively Bond: Parents who adopt an older child will find that there is a much longer list of activities and opportunities to bond: playing in the park, going on bike rides, hiking, going to the theater to see a movie, visiting an arcade, cooking together, etc. Shared activities and outings like this can create common ground that is a tremendous support with attachment.

Greater Independence: Older children are less dependent. They will be able to handle dressing, bathing and entertaining themselves for the most part. And an added bonus that anyone can appreciate is that adopting an older child means no diapers and no eventual need to potty train. The greater independence of older children can be a huge blessing for older parents or single parents adopting a child.

Building a Family: Some families who already have older children in place will find that adopting an older child closer to the age of the children they already have is advantageous. Many purposefully adopt an older child in order to provide a sibling near in age to a biological child.

Medical/Life History: When adopting an older child adoptive parents have greater and more all inclusive access to medical history and life history information because older children can share what they know. They may know their birth parents and/or some of their life history that could be helpful to adoptive parents. The additional knowledge can sometimes prove irreplaceable as tools for successful parenting.

If you are planning to set out on the journey of adoption, please consider getting in touch with an experienced Arizona adoption lawyer at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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