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Consequences of Past Due Child Support
Consequences of Past Due Child Support

Arizona takes child support very seriously. In situations, when the non-custodial parent who has been ordered to pay child support fails to do so, the other parent can depend upon federal and state family law to mandate appropriate enforcement procedures. Parents who are ...

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Blog posts in November, 2017

  • Adoption 101: Five Helpful Tips For Birth Parents

    A parent’s rights are among some of the most protected by law in the U.S. A parent must consent to adoption before their child is placed with another ...

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  • In a Nutshell - What Is The Determining Factor For Who Gets The House In a Divorce?

    In most divorce scenarios, your home is treated as community property. Each spouse is given an interest of 50% within the community property. As far ...

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  • 3 Tips on How to Build a Healthy Relationship Between Potential Adoptive Parents & Expectant Mother

    The process of building a relationship with both parties can be interesting on the emotional scale all the way from excited to nervousness. This can ...

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  • What Does Divorce & Social Media Have In Common?

    There are many reasons people seek a divorce. One of the reasons that experts have studied and verified is that there seems to be a correlation ...

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  • Misconceptions About Adoption

    A lot of the information people have about adoption comes from popular media sources our their own personal experience with other children who were ...

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  • There Is Numerous Steps With An Adoption...

    When you are trying to adopt a child, whether you want to be new parents or if you are a step-parent wanting to complete the legal process in order to ...

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  • 5 Major Tips That Will Help You With Step-Parenthood

    5 Tips for Surviving Step-Parenthood 1. Be patient. There’s a reason that they call patience a “virtue.” It actually is. Stepparents need to have ...

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  • The Adoption Requirements In Arizona

    Adopting a child can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you are childless and want a baby, adopting a step-child or are a grandparent who wants ...

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  • How To Enforce Your Parenting Time Plan

    Parenting time is the legal term that refers to the actual time spent with a parent. It is sometimes referred to as access, contact, residential time ...

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