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Shared Parenting
Shared Parenting

We have received an influx of questions about what is allowed and not allowed during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 crisis. As we all know things are changing on a nearly hour-by-hour basis. In order to provide some guidance on how to best work with your ...

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Blog posts in Child Support

  • Can Child Support Arrears Be Discharged by Bankruptcy?

    Too often we see instances of a parent who owes past due child support. Some prefer to look at it as a “missed payment” (or missed payments) while ...

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  • Is Child Support Necessary When Awarded Joint Legal Decision Making?

    Child support, legal decision-making and parenting time are separate terms with separate definitions. But they all go hand in hand with one another. ...

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  • Past Due Child Support: What to Do When You're in Arrears

    In situations, when the non-custodial parent who has been ordered to pay child support fails to do so, the other parent can depend upon federal and ...

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  • Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Parents

    If you are the biological father of a child born to a woman you are not married to, you may need to take legal steps in order to establish your rights ...

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  • Modifying Child Support

    Many parents with a custody and parenting plan already in place eventually run across life changes, professional changes, personal lifestyle ...

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  • What Are the Laws in Arizona for Getting a Divorce?

    Arizona has certain requirements that must be fulfilled when getting a divorce. Being aware of these rules is a good place to start the process. What ...

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  • Family Law Includes Child Custody and Support Arrangements

    Getting divorced involves many elements, including child support and child custody. In Arizona, child support and custody are dealt with handily by ...

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  • What Does Family Law Look Like in Arizona?

    Sometimes, even when you try your hardest, your marriage just doesn't make it. For whatever reason, you and your spouse cannot reconcile your ...

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  • Family Law in Arizona Involves Child Support Issues

    In Arizona, child support is not arbitrarily decided upon by the court system. There is a method that is used that puts the child or children involved ...

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