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It can be a great source of stress relief to discover that both you and your spouse agree on everything, or everything important enough to cause stress, regarding the terms of your divorce. When this occurs, it is known as an uncontested divorce and it can be considered just about the closest situation to an ideal divorce as you can find. An uncontested divorce does not mean that there will not be any troubles along the way to finalization, though, so you should always proceed with the professional help of a family law attorney.

If you live in Tempe, Scottsdale, or the greater Phoenix area, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff at Arizona Family Law Attorneys can provide all the guidance and counsel you need during your uncontested divorce. We are led by Phoenix Divorce Attorney Shawnna R. Riggers, who has earned a reputation around the state as a caring and efficient family lawyer, as evidenced by her 9.4 “Superb” Avvo rating.

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Benefits of Uncontested Divorces in Arizona

When going through one of life’s most difficult struggles, most people will understandably and naturally want to take the path of least resistance. In terms of divorces, this entails having an uncontested divorce. To fully appreciate what an uncontested divorce can do for you and your family, consider these benefits commonly found in them.

  1. Time: Divorces that involve heated disputes and lengthy arguments, known as contested divorces, can get caught up in legislation or multiple sessions of mediation. An uncontested divorce generally takes far less time to complete, maybe even a few weeks, as the only real speed bump is how fast the court completes its own paperwork.
  2. Cost: The less time you need to spend in court to finalize the divorce, the less money you ultimately need to finalize your case. In an uncontested divorce, you could potentially visit the courtroom only once or not at all, savings everyone on court costs.
  3. Happiness: Divorcing spouses who go through an uncontested divorce consistently report feeling happier and less emotionally stressed during and after the divorce. The same can be said of their children, who generally “bounce back” faster after their parents’ divorce, eliminating uncomfortable years of emotional recovery.
  4. Equitable property: When you and your spouse naturally work together or at least do not work against each other, during your divorce, shared marital property is more likely to be split fairly, rather than just 50-50.

Careful Steps During Your Uncontested Divorce

At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, we are always pleased to hear that one of our clients is preparing for an uncontested divorce but we are also always prepared to handle any surprises in the case. Sometimes the prospect of an uncontested divorce can be alluring and our clients think about agreeing to something that really is not fair to them, just so they can avoid a conflict. We do our best to identify potential exploitation in uncontested divorce cases and bring it to the attention of the people we help. We do not force decisions upon them, however, and only want to ensure that our clients understand the entire ramifications of their choices.

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