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Grandfather with grandsonWhen there is a death or divorce or relocation of a parent, grandparents may be suddenly or gradually cut off from their grandchildren. This is not only heartbreaking for grandparents, but often traumatic or damaging to the child. There is no automatic right to grandparent visitation, but Arizona law does provide grandparents and great-grandparents an opportunity to make their case for regularly scheduled visits with the child in order to build a bond.

We at Arizona Family Law Attorneys, can evaluate your situation and assert your grandparents' rights. We handle family law matters in Tempe, Phoenix, and sometimes out of state. We wish to help you maintain close ties with your grandchild.

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How Grandparent Visitation is Determined

If the parents are married or living together and do not want grandma or grandpa involved with their child, the courts have consistently honored the parents' authority to refuse access to the child.

Petitions for grandparent visitation usually arise when there has been regular interaction in the past, but something has changed and grandparents are abruptly denied access to their grandkids.

The court will consider the following factors:

  • The grandparents' historical relationship with the child
  • The motivation for seeking grandparent visitation
  • The motives of the parent who is denying visitation
  • The amount of time requested and how it would impact the child's life
  • The benefit of maintaining a relationship with the extended family if one or both of the child's parents have died

Arizona's statute allows grandparents to petition for visitation if the parents have been divorced for three months, one parent has been deceased or missing for three months, or if the child was born out of wedlock. Grandparent requests are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the best interests of the grandchild.

Wish to assert your grandparent visitation rights?

Our experienced grandparent visitation rights attorneys will help you put your best foot forward to convince the court that you deserve to see your grandchild again and that it would be positive for the child to maintain those ties. We will fight for you in contested court proceedings or negotiate on your behalf to arrange a formal visitation schedule. Our Phoenix family law lawyers have also represented grandparents in petitions for guardianship of a grandchild who has been orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected.

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