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Do You Wish to Establish Guardianship of a Child in Your Life?

Establishing fair guardianship timeSometimes parents are unable or unwilling to provide the stable and nurturing environment a child needs. Sometimes another family member is willing and able to take over that role indefinitely as a court-appointed legal guardian. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, we can help you obtain guardianship of a minor child or children. Our reputable law firm represents family members or other persons in guardianship petitions in Tempe and Phoenix.

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Asserting Guardianship of a Child in Arizona

When deciding on child guardianship, the court must be convinced that the petitioner has the child's best interests at heart and that the child's parent(s) cannot provide a safe and healthy home because of jail or drug treatment, abuse or abandonment of the child, mental illness or other incapacity. Legal guardians might be grandparents, aunts, uncles, or adult siblings or cousins. Legal guardians might also be nonrelatives, such as godparents or family friends who feel a connection or obligation to the child.

Guardianship grants all of the legal rights of a parent, including:

  • Access to personal information like school and medical records
  • Management of education, health care, and general welfare

Our law firm has handled a range of guardianship scenarios. For example, if the child's parent consents, the judge can waive a court appearance and our lawyer can help iron out the details. If the parent objects, the guardianship proceeding is conducted similarly to a custody dispute. Each side presents arguments and calls witnesses, and the court will grant or deny guardianship.

Take This Step with Our Family Law Attorneys at Your Side

Guardianship is a big step and can be legally complex. We are happy to help people like you who are stepping up to care for a child or group of siblings. With the help of our Phoenix family law attorneys, you may obtain legal guardianship of a child in need of love and care. Whether you live in Phoenix, Tempe, or another city, we are prepared to fight for you.

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