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Modifying a decision in a fair and simple wayAt The Law Office of Shawnna R. Riggers, P.L.L.C, our team of knowledgeable family law attorneys understand that even after an amicable divorce or separation, you might be second-guessing the agreements and court orders that were established. After all, your entire life can be affected one way or another after dissolving your relationship, so you will want to be confident that things ended as best they could. This is especially true when it comes to how your children are treated and supported.

The good news is that nothing is necessarily set in stone and you can still make changes to legal decision making and child support agreements that were previously created during your divorce or separation. If you would like to learn how to make these modifications with the helpful guidance of a divorce and child custody lawyer, schedule an initial consultation with our firm today - we handle cases throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and Pinal County.

Modifications to Child Support Improve Stability

Although you can request that just about any decision regarding your divorce be modified, you cannot make the changes on a whim. In order to get approved, you need to present a valid argument to the court, often backed by significant evidence or financial records. We can help you prepare your case and show that you are entitled to a modification to child support.

Modifications to child support are due to a significant change in your life, such as:

  • Alterations to health insurance policies
  • Unexpected job loss
  • Physical or mental disability or illness
  • Notable decrease or increase in income for either parent
  • Relocation

While your child should be given the best care possible, you should also not have to compromise your own financial security through uneven court orders. If you can no longer afford to pay the amount of child support agreed upon, you can request a modification to get it lowered. If your ex-spouse is now making much more than you, a modification could allow you to receive more financial aid each month. It all comes down to finding a new fair balance and then backing it up with legal precedent provided by a compassionate family law attorney.

Pursue Modifications to Custody Rights

A significant change in your finances or living conditions might also require you to seek a modification to child custody agreements, as well as changes in your ex-spouse’s life. If they take a new job in California, for example, and have full custody of your child, you may have to file for modifications that allow you to have primary custody, keeping your child in their home state of Arizona. Oppositely, unforeseen situations may make it more difficult for you to spend ample time at home and you may need to modify your parenting time schedule to ensure your allotted time with the children is going to work for your new schedule.

Our Phoenix child custody lawyers can help you understand your options regarding:

  • Legal decision making
  • Joint legal decision making
  • Sole legal decision making
  • Parenting time

Ready to Make a Change? Contact Our Modification Attorney

The bottom line is that if you need to make a modification to child support or child custody agreements, you should not hesitate to learn your legal options with a professional. At our firm, we are focused on our clients’ needs and approach each case with a personally-tailored touch. We believe it is through this unique level of dedication that we have been able to earn the trust of the people of Phoenix, Tempe, and the surrounding areas.

Get into contact with the Arizona Family Law Attorneys today for more information.

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