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Guardianship and making legal decisionsCustody arrangements and the realities of co-parenting can be complicated and often contentious during divorce. The courts are concerned foremost with the best interests of the child, not the parents' animosities and disputes. How do you work things out when tensions are so high? How do you fight for your parental rights but shield your child from the fallout? At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, we resolve these difficult issues every day.

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Our legal team provides compassion, perspective, and solutions, backed by effective courtroom advocacy if you truly reach an impasse. Our lawyers handle all facets of Arizona child custody law, representing mothers and fathers in Chandler, Tempe, and Phoenix, AZ.

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Understanding Custody & Visitation in Arizona

Physical custody and legal custody are separate concepts that are frequently confused. Our Phoenix family law attorneys will walk you through your rights under the law and how a judge would likely rule if custody is contested. There is a trend toward shared custody, which is 50/50 or approximately equal parenting time. In fact, under new legislation effective in 2013, there is a presumption of shared parenting unless the parents agree to a standard visitation or one parent can justify sole or primary custody. Child support is reduced or eliminated under shared custody.

Here are some other forms of child custody:

  • Legal custody is decision-making power over a child's schooling, health care, religious upbringing and general welfare.
  • Joint legal custody means that parents must communicate about daily matters and agree on major decisions, even if the child lives primarily with one parent.
  • Sole legal custody means sole authority and discretion without having to consult the other parent.
  • Physical custody refers to the child's living situation. One parent often has primary custody while the other parent gets visitation (usually every other weekend and one overnight each week).

Custody litigation is expensive and often destructive. We will fight for greater parenting time if you are concerned about being cut out of your child's life, but sole custody is rarely granted by the court unless there is evidence of harm or imminent harm to the child. We encourage clients to focus instead on a realistic parenting plan.

Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You

The parenting plan sets the specifics of legal custody and a schedule regarding pickup/drop-off, holidays, vacations, extracurricular activities, and other details. We strive to negotiate the best possible parenting time arrangement in the best interests of the children.

We can also assist you with related matters such as:

  • Initial custody determination in divorce
  • Custody rights in paternity cases
  • Parent relocation
  • Post-decree modifications of custody
  • Enforcement of visitation rights
  • Grandparents' rights to visitation

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We help clients reach the most efficient means to a resolution that is fair and practical and in the best interest of their children. Oftentimes we are able to reach agreements through negotiation or mediation. Other times, these issues need to be litigated. We will do everything we can to obtain an outcome that is aligned with your goals and wishes. Our parenting time attorneys proudly offer flexible appointment times and affordable rates for our clients throughout Phoenix, Tempe, Pinal County, and Maricopa county.

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