Adopting a child is a journey that ends with a beautiful reward. A child is a gift. Arizona Family Law Attorneys are proud to help families through the adoption process because we commend the commitment you’ve chosen to uphold as a prospective adoptive parent.

Working with a Maricopa County adoption attorney is the best way to fully understand the scope of the adoption process. Adoption attorneys will answer every question you have and take the time to attentively discuss any concerns on your mind. You deserve to rest assured and even enjoy the process of adopting a child. Our team will help every step of the way, so you can focus on quality time with your new family.

Should I hire an Adoption Lawyer to Help with the Adoption Process?

Adoption can mean assuming legal guardianship of a child you’re related to, but it can also mean using an agency to find a child eligible to be adopted. A benefit to working with an adoption attorney is that your attorney can assist in finding an adoption agency and can liaise with the agency on your behalf. This simplifies the adoption process in many ways and often eases the burden on prospective parents. There are complicated matters that the adoption agency may be unfit to handle. An adoption attorney is well-versed in every aspect of adoption law and can employ a network of resources to handle any discrepancy, in partnership with the adoption agency.

What Does It Take to Do an Independent Adoption?

If you opt to not use an adoption agency, you can pursue an independent adoption with the guidance of a qualified attorney. An independent adoption has a different set of requirements than working with an agency, so it’s wise to team up with a lawyer to ensure you’re meeting every state and federal demand.

An adoption attorney is a legal professional skilled in navigating the field of adoption law. Whatever your concerns may be, a family law lawyer in Phoenix can help. There are many necessary legal documents that must be compiled and filed to complete the adoption application process. A lawyer will help source these documents and ensure that you have everything submitted thoroughly and on time.

An adoption attorney with stand beside you in court for all necessary adoption proceedings. We will advocate on your behalf to demonstrate your aptitude as a potential adoptive parent.

Are Adoption Laws Difficult To Understand?

Our adoption lawyers will guide you through Arizona State’s specific adoption laws and requirements. This is crucial to your understanding of the process and helps make the adoption journey seamless and easily navigable for you and your loved ones. We will communicate all applicable regulations early on, to determine how they will affect your specific case and how they apply to you and your family.

Arizona Family Law Attorneys is proud to support prospective adoptive parents on their journey to starting or extending their family. We promise to stay by your side every step of the way. We pledge to give parents from Maricopa County and all across the state of Arizona the quickest and most stress-free adoption process we can. We know family comes first, and our goal is to give you the most free time to spend with your loved ones, while we handle the rest.