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Adopting in Arizona May Need a Professional Involved

Adopting in Arizona May Need a Professional Involved

Adopting a child can be a very emotional and exciting time of your life. For the child, it can mean a new start; a chance to have a parent and even a family who cares for them and is always there for them. The state of Arizona has some fairly strict rules governing adoption. This is so that the adoption is well-thought-out and is air tight legally.

As long as the child is 21 years old or less and is not an illegal alien, an adoption can be filed. The child must be within the state of Arizona to be considered for adoption. The court that takes the adoption under consideration is deemed the court of jurisdiction if the petition is filed when the child is less than 18 years of age.

Any adult who is a resident of the state of Arizona can petition for adoption. You don't need to be married to adopt. A husband and wife can jointly adopt a child. The one thing you need to remember is that the court that is located in the county that the prospective parent resides or the county that the child resides will have precedence in processing the adoption.

You must first be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt. You will have a level two background screening and will need to be certified by an officer of the court after he or she has spoken with you, looked at your living situation and thoroughly vetted you as an acceptable parent. When this certification is done, you will be free to adopt your child, but you must ensure that the proper documentation is in place and filed with the court.

Can you begin to see that Arizona is an adoption haven for those persons who desire to add to their family? If you really want to adopt a child, you may want to contact someone who has experience in this type of transaction; someone who cares and will help you make this important transition.

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