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What Is the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Code in Arizona?

What Is the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Code in Arizona?

In Arizona, family law covers a lot of ground. One of the overriding questions is how does the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act affect my divorce? It was first brought up nationally at the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws as early as 1970. Not all states have adopted it, but it is the hope of the commission that eventually all states adopt it.

State after state has become aware, as have individuals who are going through divorces that involve children, property and debt, that the situation for those going through the process of separation need to be assured that they are getting a fair hearing. Although California was the first to enact the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, Arizona also adopted much of the Uniform Act as well, approving a substantial amount of the divorce reform section.

Getting a legal professional involved who knows about this act and how it will work for you with child support,child custody and even spousal support may be a wise idea. Arizona is a no-fault state, however, there will still -- more than likely -- be questions regarding property and debt disbursement.

The ultimate goal of the commissioners is to have every state adopt the Uniform Act in its entirety. It makes little sense to have a no-fault state when the state hasn't eliminated the finding of fault in the custody and support arena.

Having been married in one state, divorced in another and have a hearing regarding child custody in yet another is a reason that the commissioners want to see evenness and equality in all areas of family law. It is senseless to expect judges to be able to make life-changing decisions for families when they don't have enough information or guidance to make an informed decision.

Relying on a legal professional who not only knows the laws of Arizona but can guide you through the different issues that seem to crop up in a divorce can be invaluable.

Source: Uniform Law Commission, "Marriage and divorce Aat, model summary" Oct. 14, 2014


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